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 My apply (SwaGasM)

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PostSubject: My apply (SwaGasM)   Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:46 pm

Age - 15
Got Arma 3 - Yes why would I be applying a arma clan if I dont have it
ArmA Series experience [Arma:Armed Assualt,Arma 2,Arma 2 OA,Arma 3] - Cold war assult
Average Arma 3 FPS [If got it,if not just put the Estimated amount] - 50-80 depending on the ai count (arma is cpu heavy not gpu)
What is your military experience - IRL just shot and hunted with my father in game hunting
Have you been in a clan before - Yes in another game
How are you joining - c
a) Found the forum and interested
b) Contacted by a staff member who told you to create this application
c) Recruited by an officer in-game and creating an application

In-Game Profile
Character Name [ex:Wice Williams] - Valur
Character Nickname [ex:ViperFrost] - Swag
GUID - 76561198043978595
Character Nationality - Icelandic
Character Race [European,Australian,American,African or Asian] - Asian/Europe
Character Language - English/Icelandic
Character Age - 39
Characters Jobs before joining AMF Military - Fisherman and Mechanic

Do you accept all the AMF rules and that you will follow them as any means necessery - Didnt have time to read. If they are the same as last time yes if they are a whole lot diffrent tell me to read them.


Since you are already in AMF and just redoing the application. You dont need any guidence for the future.
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My apply (SwaGasM)
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