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PostSubject: poet'sublcan   Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:50 pm

Desired SubClan name/codename - clan name:Devdru codename: Seawolf 76

Desired SubClan job/specialty - Recon/marksman/support team

If already got members who will join list their names here - not yet

Desired SubClan back story - Unknown

Subclan description - Hand picked sniper and spotters of only the best

Extras [If you want to add something more do it here] - OSOK
Name / Codename - ACCEPTED
Job/Speciality - ACCEPTED
Members - NaN[Left out in the app]
Back Story - ACCEPTED
Desc. - MODIFIED ("only the best" is considered as a power play which is not allowed,only authorized personel after interviewing your clan for its stats may add power play description,dont use power play this is only a warning,thank you)
Extras - MODIFIED ("One hit one kill" or "OSOK" is considered power play and that can be only added if authorized personel confirm your stats,thank you)
Comment : You will be assigned automaticly to "Infantry Company" if you dont want this choice you may contact authorized personel to choose a diffrent company to be in,you may also pick "Citizen" as your choice,make sure to contact authorized personel about your decission. Thank you,If you need anymore information contact us.
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