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 Normal Rules

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PostSubject: Normal Rules   Thu Jan 01, 2015 6:01 pm

AMF Normal rules. [ver.1.2015]
-Act your age.
-No being a little crying baby.
-Stick to english leanguage.
-Do not argue with your superior.
-Follow orders from your superior without asking eny quesstions.
-If you have enything to say ask for permission to do so.
-Conspiracy will be brought to justice on the AMF court.Wich can include blacklisting on the opposite public clans.
-If you have to leave the clan,you cant without informing a officer about it.
-Stick to your rank and focus in the mission.
-If you ever want to change your TS3 profile description ask for a officer to reboot you. Basicly you will do one mission and your description will be based on that mission.
-Admin voting on non-AMF servers. Always vote for the highest rank among you,if the person leaves you will vote for the person with the next highest rank,no expections!
-No jerking around. After missions theres always time for fun.
-If you see enyone breaking the rules,warn them politely.If that doesnt work report them on our forums.
-Try not to get into a fight with your comrades.Respect everyone,even if they dont deserve that respect.
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Normal Rules
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