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 Vehicle Company

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PostSubject: Vehicle Company   Thu Jan 01, 2015 6:27 pm

Vehicle company focuses 100% on vehicle usage. From sea to ground then to air.

Age - 15/16
Combat - Average/Decent
Driving - Very Good
Piloting - Good
Arma 3 average FPS - 30+
Focuses more on vehicle driving/piloting in-game.

Application {Copy,then paste the darker letters below into your application...Put "Application" in the subject line}

Age - ?
Arma 3 average FPS - ?
How good are you in close/medium/long range vehicle weapons [explain in details] - ?
Would you rather go Light or Heavy vehicle choice and vehicle weapon [2 quesstions=2 answers] - ?
You got a new mission,you need to escort a valuable device on a tempest. You got 1xTempest[device],2xMRAPs[HMG] and 1x APC how will you sort this convoy,explain - ?
You got a new mission,you need to extract a rifle squad to known enemy AT area. Explain step by step what would you do. - ?
Would you preffer Ground,Sea or Air vehicles - ?
Have you been banned for cheating in eny server - ?
You agree that you met all the requirements found on top and will take the responsibility of not having them - ?

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Vehicle Company
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