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PostSubject: Guides/Tutorials   Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:34 pm

Ok now basicly there are some things that can be mistakes.Like being reckles in a wrong mission type. There are 3 Mission types
-Events[missions,operations and sometimes training,This type of missions are SERIUS,Recklessnes will affect your progress a lot]
-Basic/Casual/Classic [missions and sometimes operations are semi-serius can be reckless but not too much it will still affect your progress in AMF]
-Practice/Break/Funout [Are practice/fun missions wich people do everything for fun...Recklessnes will not affect your progress unitill the Commanding officer says that is enough fooling around]

Following these basic guides of mission types will give you extra 5% progress.

Events Recklessnes/Disobeying orders etc...

-Temporary exile
-Kicked out from the server/left off the mission

-Left out of the misssion/operations

Practice/Break/Funout [These penalties will only happen if the commanding officer warns you]
-Left out of the mission/operations
-Sometimes demotion

[Keep in mind that more stuff will be added to Rules,guides time]
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