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 Citizen Application ver.1

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PostSubject: Citizen Application ver.1   Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:50 pm


Age - Regular AMF age restriction [14+]Requirements
Combat - Average
Driving - Average
Arma 3 average FPS - 20+
Focuses moost on stealth gameplay.

Application Format

Age - ?
Arma 3 average FPS - ?
How good are you in close/medium/long range [explain in details] - ?

Would you rather go Light or Heavy loadout - ?

You got a new mission,AMF officer assigned you to stealth approach and assassinate an enemy officer in camp tempest. Intel tells you that there are 32 infantry guard including the officer himself which is hiding in a cargo house complex. 4 Guards are guarding North,3 South,3 West,3 East.Inner guards are chilling out unaware and off duty [15] The rest are on duty on missioning outside the camp. How do you approach and deal with the situation. - ?

Would you preffer Silenced or Regular weapons - ?

Have you been banned for cheating in eny server - ?

If you got to choose from a Quadbike and a SUV as your insertion vehicle,which one would it be - ?

You agree that you met all the requirements found on top and will take the responsibility of not having them - ?
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Citizen Application ver.1
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