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 Militia Application ver.1

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PostSubject: Militia Application ver.1   Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:55 pm


Combat - Good
Driving - Average
Age - Regular AMF age restriction [14+]
Arma 3 average FPS - 20+
Focuses moost on infantry and vehicle gameplay.

Application Format

Age - ?

Arma 3 average FPS - ?

How good are you in close/medium/long range [explain in details] - ?

Would you rather go Light or Heavy - ?

You got a new mission,you need to assualt an enemy camp. Explain step by step what would you do. - ?

You've been hired by the opposite clan to neutralize the base,casualties cannot be avoided. They offer 100,000 in money.Would you accept that or would you go with your own price [details] - ?

A clan tries to bribe you to gather intel against AMF would you accept that and for what price? [Detailsm,WARNING:This quesstion will not screw your rating in AMF]

Would you preffer Silenced or Regular weapons - ?

Have you been banned for cheating in eny server - ?

If you got to choose from all the infantry classes wich one would you go for - ?

Would you rather surrender if in a tough nutt,or die? - ?

You agree that you met all the requirements found on top and will take the responsibility of not having them - ?
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Militia Application ver.1
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